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On the promise of quality: Porter Packaging’s bespoke software solution

On the promise of quality: Porter Packaging’s bespoke software solution


Porter Packaging

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Porter Packaging is known for providing bespoke packaging solutions. Having worked with global brands such as Whittaker’s, Activision and Lacoste, they deliver on their promise of beautiful packaging on brand, to schedule, and within budget, time after time.

From carry bags to stationery and everything in between, clients come back to Porter again and again for the quality of their service. As a bespoke production house looking to build a digital self-service engine, it made perfect sense for Porter Packaging to turn to Edge, Sandfield’s custom development team.

"As founders who have never been in technology and never built a website, we needed someone with expertise but also someone who we trusted… and that’s how we ended up with Sandfield."

Leo Hart COO of Porter Packaging

MyPorter is a platform that connects businesses who need packaging with the suppliers who produce it. It’s designed to be an all-in-one system that lets you design, customise and order tailor-made packaging. True to Porter’s form, the platform build was completely bespoke — with no comparable off-the-shelf product available.

It’s with this challenge — creating a one of a kind hub for customers, suppliers and supply chain logistic partners — that Porter Packaging approached Sandfield with. And it’s a brief that, having been met, has proved to be transformational for their business model.

The platform itself is designed to gather all steps of the packaging ordering process into one interface, allowing users to organise and view quotes, dielines, artwork, sampling, production and shipping for all their projects. It also allows for project collaboration as permissions allow team members — whether designers or project managers — to access the part of the platform that is most relevant to their role.

Align your team’s specific needs with software flexible to your requirements.

By centralising all of the details of a project, MyPorter has eliminated the need for manual handling. What previously took correspondence of around 250 emails per project now only requires a MyPorter login. With version history uncomplicated and project updates available instantly, the platform eliminates unnecessary back and forth communication.

This is just one example where Sandfield has been able to introduce automation into Porter Packaging’s business model and increase their service efficiency.

Project Management is streamlined through a high-level look at a project’s status and required action.

A key benefit MyPorter provides, is greater visibility and control for their clients. It means, for example, that manufacturers can input and update materials and costs to ensure accurate quoting for clients. In this way, Porter is delivering on their promise of making world class packaging accessible, and not reserved only for the biggest brands with the best connections.

The platform also empowers clients with choice by providing a library of products including colours, materials and features. Clients can decide on their shipping method, customisable by quantity, so that they can include their bottom line in their considerations.

MyPorter surfaces the wide-ranging product options in a library view where users can control and customise their order to their liking.

The entire user interface, designed in house by Porter Packaging and brought to life by Sandfield, echoes the businesses priorities of quality and premium product. And with newfound automation opportunities, the business has been able to double down on their commitment to quality.

For Porter Packaging, the release of MyPorter means that they are able to focus on their own growth whilst improving customer experience. In the same way that Porter is able to bring customer’s visions to life through bespoke packaging solutions, their partnership with Sandfield has brought their vision to life too, and seen the development of a one-of-a-kind service.

By working with Edge on the development of their digital solution, they’re able to continue delivering on their promise of quality through unlocking further functionality and efficiency.

Looking for business growth that doesn’t sacrifice quality in your business? With Sandfield, your custom software is our digital solution priority. Reach out today to see how Edge can bring software quality of life updates to your business model.

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