Interns Q&A

An Interview with Dong-Mei Lim

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Dong-Mei Lim

Dong-Mei started at Sandfield as an intern, and she has now completed her studies at the University of Auckland. Dong-Mei is now working full-time with the Origin Team.

Dong-Mei grew up in the little town of Tokoroa, which you have probably driven past on SH1. In her free time, she likes to watch YouTube and do acrobatics, and under lockdown, Dong-Mei has started baking and drawing as hobbies.

We caught up with Dong-Mei to ask her some questions about her transition from Intern to full time software developer. 

What do you do at Sandfield and how long have you been here?

I’ve been at Sandfield since the end of 2020, when I started as an intern. I now work on web and mobile app development for several projects in React and React Native.

Why did you choose Sandfield?

Sandfield offered the opportunity to grow my skills as a developer on the job. This was exactly what I was looking for as a student with little experience in the industry. There was also a good chance of transitioning to a full-time position after the internship. Sandfield and I felt it was a good fit to move into a permanent role, which definitely took some of the pressure off while I was completing my degree.

As my knowledge of software development at Sandfield has increased, I get to help other developers and share what I’ve learned. It’s nice to feel like I’m giving back.

How did you come to apply for an internship here?

I heard about Sandfield from the Software Engineering Students Association at the University of Auckland, as Sandfield was one of their sponsors. The description of the work, culture, and location appealed to me, so as a student, I jumped at the opportunity to get an internship.

What are some of your highlights from the Internship?

I met some amazing people in the company who supported and taught me throughout the internship, especially my mentors who were both helpful and friendly. In such a supportive environment, I was able to learn a lot, not only about technical skills, but soft skills as well. I also liked that I was working on projects that felt like they had real value, even as an intern.

What was the transition from intern to developer like?

As I had already done mobile development as an intern, the biggest difference was joining a new team and working on a new project as part of the team. They were very patient and welcoming, and helped me a lot with any questions I had while I learned my way around the project. 

How have your responsibilities changed from being an intern to a Software Developer?

As a Software Developer I’ve been working on more projects and taking on larger tasks that are more visible to clients. Additionally, as my knowledge of software development at Sandfield has increased, I get to help other developers and share what I’ve learned as well. It’s nice to feel like I’m giving back a bit!

Why did you decide to become permanent?

As an intern I enjoyed the relaxed culture and friendly work environment, not to mention the flexible hours and the ease at which we could work from home when the COVID-19 lockdowns started. I felt like Sandfield really tries to make you feel appreciated and that the work I was doing was valuable. Being surprised with cake every now and then was a plus as well.

What are some of your outside-of-work hobbies?

In my free time, I read, draw, play the piano, and do acrobatics.