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Customer portal development

At Sandfield we develop Customer Portals that provide a first class user experience from any device, anywhere - even offline. 

Developing Customer Portals involves a wide range of software architecture and development disciplines; knowledge about the customer's own business; knowledge about how customers, suppliers and members operate; UI design; mobile and responsive design; and more. 

A Portal needs to be flexible and scalable for future use including integration with new back-end systems and to meet the needs of new customers.


KLine Active Customers
Races per year with New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing
Mainfreight status update notifications per day
tonnes of mining product transported to and from mines in WA and QLD per month with Qube



At Sandfield we make the end users’ experience our top priority. We know that if the users don’t like the final solution it won’t be used to its full potential. Using a journey mapping exercise we identify each group of users and each experience throughout the journey. This allows us to identify the different user personas and map a tailored journey for each. Creating an optimised experience for each type of user is key in creating a successful customer portal.


As part of our agile development approach we get working prototypes out quickly so we can test the user experience and iterate through solutions. While something in the initial design may have worked well on paper, user testing can prove that this doesn’t always translate into reality. Iterating often and well means that when it comes to the actual development all of the kinks have already been ironed out and there is no need to go back and make changes.


Our job isn’t finished just because the initial development part is over. We set up analytics on the portal to measure customer activity and understand better how customers are using your portal. By reviewing and analyzing this data we can identify areas of the portal that could be improved to increase usability. We know that the more customers can do online, the more empowered they feel and the less load on your teams.

Empower your customers to do more online

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