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20 August 2018

We have long-standing relationships with a number of carefully selected not-for-profit organisations.

Like us, these charities seize opportunities and want to make a difference in their communities, by doing work that matters for a more sustainable future. Our partnerships are mainly focused on ensuring these causes are supported by websites that adapt to change and scale up smoothly.

Our support involves everything from website development to technical advice to annual fundraising. To ensure we provide the best service for our existing causes, we are not currently considering any additional not-for-profit organisations.

Kedgley Intermediate

The school’s staff aim to support families’ active involvement in their children’s learning. The website is a key tool

Kedgley Intermediate is a suburban school for year 7 and 8 pupils in South Auckland. Just over 51 percent of the approximate 700 students who attend have Pasifika heritage. Many students are bilingual and new learners of English. Māori learners make up 19 percent of the school roll.

“At Kedgley we want to do everything to nurture our community of lifelong learners to succeed through confidence, connection and inquiring minds in an evolving world,"
- Pelu Leaupepetele, Principal

Sandfield was approached by Kedgley Intermediate’s new Principal, Pelu Leaupepetele, to help with a website refresh for the school to better engage its community.

There is a long history between Sandfield and Pelu, through their support for the Duffy Books in Homes scheme and building a new website for his previous school, Wymondley Road.

The school used a professional photographer to capture striking images of students and their culture. The Sandfield solution developers then worked with Kedgley to update the layout, content and functionality in line with the school’s vision to bring its website into the 21st century.

The school’s staff aim to engage parents and families in culturally appropriate ways and support families’ active involvement in their children’s learning - the website is a key tool for this.

One of the core features is the Events Calendar, which allows the school to provide parents and students with an up-to-date schedule of all events over the coming months. This is significantly more useful than a printed out calendar that can be lost and often has outdated information. The calendar feed can be easily added to other calendar apps (for instance, on mobile devices) so that users can keep track of upcoming events without needing to go to the website every time.

Parents can inform the school of their child's absence by simply filling out a short form

Another useful feature is that parents can inform the school of their child's absence (either current or upcoming) by simply filling out a short form, which makes absences easier to manage for both parents and staff.

These are just two of the many things that can be found on the website, which also contains newsletters, highlight videos from each term, highlights from the school's Facebook/Instagram accounts, and everything you need to know about Kedgley, their student leadership group, and their staff.

“The feedback since we went live has been 100% positive. The Sandfield team provided a committed, caring and innovative approach and engaged us every step of the way,” 
- Pelu Leaupepetele, Principal

Report Absence 1
Report Absence 2
Report Absence 3

Kedgley Intermediate’s next goal is to have students design an app that focuses on their wellbeing, also serving as a referral tool if they are feeling bullied or depressed.


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