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Transforming Enterprise: How SaaS and Specialist Solutions Are Reshaping Business

Devid pictured as 'saas' defeating goliath pictured as 'ERP'

It's a fascinating time to be involved in delivering information technology. There are predictions that 2024 is a break-out year for emerging megatrends of AI, the associated deployment of massive computer power through GPUs from the likes of Nvidia and the widespread availability of cheap satellite broadband communication from Starlink and more.

Back on earth, the challenge is to continue delivering affordable, innovative, wholesome technology that delivers business value. The challenge is the same, but the answers keep changing. Digital innovation continues to reshape options. A proliferation of niche often SaaS solutions expands available options and nibbles away at the traditional monolithic platforms, particularly ERP.

It’s estimated that in the US alone, there are over 60,000 SaaS companies with around 54 billion customers. Some solutions, such as Salesforce, are enterprise-scale, while others occupy tiny niches and are only ever intended to address specialist problems exceptionally well. 

Although large Enterprise Systems for the foreseeable future will continue to do the transactional heavy lifting, we see smaller, specialist applications will continue to succeed. The days when organisations attempted to meet all their system needs with a single monolithic system are gone.

This is a terrific opportunity. Organisations access innovation much more quickly and efficiently than waiting for a major vendor to release a new feature or module. Not all solutions will work but they can be shut down or swapped out with comparatively little fuss or financial penalty.

There are challenges; point solutions often need to be integrated, master data and sign-ons synchronised and managed, security is paramount, and more solutions mean more vulnerabilities. And since software was invented, it hasn’t always been used. It’s estimated that up to half of SaaS solutions are not active within enterprises.

At Sandfield, our mantra is “Get an Edge” and that is delivered from our own innovations and from working with technology from other vendors. Our integration business, Crossfire, integrates SaaS solutions through to large ERPs. As organisations move to specialised operational systems, Finance requirements are simplified and our enterprise FMS, OnAccount, is an attractive solution. Our custom software business Edge, has a busy year ahead, delivering innovation to customers with unique requirements. Our supply chain and logistics business, Origin, is enjoying exceptional growth in this sector with an exciting product roadmap coming to fruition.

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Posted by Bruce Copeland

Bruce is one of the founders of Sandfield.  Originally qualified as an Accountant, Bruce recognised that good systems make good companies and gravitated towards IT as the most effective and satisfying way of making a difference. Enjoying challenges seeps into his personal life working on the family’s Conservation project and supporting Climate Change and Urban advocacy initiatives. Otherwise, he’s at the gym, sailing, paddling, cycling, walking, skiing or at the Physio.

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