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OnAccount: Breaking the mould of conventional accounting systems

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For the past 30+ years, we’ve built a reputation for building software with no limits.

Today, we’re excited to turn the page on a new chapter for OnAccount, financial software designed to give businesses an edge.

OnAccount is a dynamic Financial Management System (FMS), used by some of Australasia’s leading supply chain and travel companies. One that breaks the mould of conventional accounting solutions. 

Now in its fourth generation, OnAccount is ready to reach a broader audience, embracing continual optimisation and innovation.

With OnAccount, you get a finance solution configurable down to the most minute detail. Experience accounting software capable of handling complex business transactions and high volumes of automated transactions that evolves as your business grows and changes.

It’s a system crafted to integrate seamlessly with your other systems. OnAccount comes complete with a comprehensive suite of features and controls, from advanced debtor management to reconciliation modules.

A look at how OnAccount interacts with multiple systems and databases in a common supply chain context

A team behind the solution

And there’s even more behind the product too. The OnAccount team are reformed accountants, well positioned to support you from implementation and configuration through to support. We don’t believe in implementing generic software or the generic outcomes it delivers. Instead, our experienced team of Finance System Specialists have an expert, realistic understanding of business challenges.

Transforming business processes is our bread and butter.

We dive into the complexities of your business, targeting the highest levels of automation and configuring OnAccount to accurately record every financial nuance. This empowers your finance teams to focus on higher-value activities, managing vast transaction volumes with small, nimble teams.

Bringing continual optimisation to finance

Our two-decade journey has been about evolution, learning, and adapting. Time after time, we turn frustrations into streamlined solutions, creating a platform that always runs smoothly. We've seen how OnAccount enhances customer relationships, allowing them to focus on high-payback activities without getting bogged down in trivialities.

OnAccount's flexibility allows it to be deployed in its entirety or as specialist modules. We've seen companies start with employing it alongside existing solutions, only to have it eventually take over all responsibilities.

In an industry often stagnant with sameness, OnAccount is a game changer. With scalable technology as its backbone, you can grow your business without ever outgrowing OnAccount.

Whether you're in need of advanced debtor management, receipting, reconciliation, or consolidation, OnAccount has it covered.

OnAccount stands as a testament to what accounting can be, offering mainstream quality with a personalised approach. It's not just another solution; it's an innovation that brings efficiency, elegance and adaptability into the accounting world.

We’re excited for you to see it in action. To experience firsthand that it’s not about fitting into a box, but breaking out of it.

With OnAccount as our leading accounting software solution, the future of accounting is bright.

Learn more by visiting the OnAccount website 


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Posted by Amy Fong

Amy Fong is a CA qualified accountant who has previously managed finance and IT across a range of industries including Chartered Accountancy, motor vehicles, not-for-profit and private medical. She works with the team of other “reformed” accountants and developers on Sandfield’s OnAccount system and supports design and solutions for tax, accounting and financial reporting requirements across our varied customers’ business systems.

When not working, Amy enjoys spending time with friends and family, loves anything food-related and will often be seen cycling or running through different parts of Auckland in the weekends.

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