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Software Developers

Think bigger

Looking to make a difference and solve real-world business problems?
We want you!

Sandfield office with computer screens

Are you trusted and empowered to make meaningful change?

At Sandfield, you will be. 

Our people are at the heart of our business. We employ the best, and we hang on to them, because at Sandfield you are able to be continually challenged and you get a variety of opportunities.

Working for us isn’t just about the software, it’s also about understanding our clients' needs and then utilising technology to add value. To us, the business outcomes are much more important than the system that supports it.

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Advance your career at Sandfield

Solve real business challenges

Work directly with clients to solve problems and make a difference. We promise variety, innovation, and the opportunity to extend yourself both personally and professionally.

Work across multiple projects and technologies

We work with a variety of technologies that make every day interesting. We always select the right technology based on our client’s needs so that they get the best outcome.

Autonomy to get on with the job

We don't adhere to bureaucratic rules or hierarchy at Sandfield. Senior Developers have the autonomy and trust to get on with the job at hand as we believe our team is focused on one clear outcome - the customer.

Work with other super talented team mates

We have built a team of committed, highly competent professionals, who have the ability to solve any business challenge. We like to keep hold of our talent, with the average tenure at Sandfield being 5 years.

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Work directly with clients

At Sandfield, our relationships with our clients are the key to our success. It’s also one of the reasons why we immerse our whole team in all aspects of the software development lifecycle. All our developers, regardless of their level or experience, have the opportunity to work directly with our clients because we believe that having an in-depth understanding

of our client's businesses and their goals facilitates the design of better, more workable and easily applied solutions. At Sandfield you will be working on projects alongside our clients where you're actually trusted and empowered to make meaningful changes for some of Australasia’s leading companies.

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Join a high-performance team

We have a long history of building core transactional systems, critical to our client's success. Our databases process hundreds of thousands of transactions a day. But these systems don't often stand on their own. We provide our clients with innovative systems for finance, supply chain, issues management, content management, EDI, RFID, customer portals, dashboards, BI reporting, 3rd party integration, mapping and many more.

So, if you’re happy with just being a number at a big brand tech company so your Mum can brag at Bridge Club...we’re probably not for you.

But if you want to join a great team and be part of the driving force behind some innovative tech solutions for a range of top companies in this part of the world, then let’s talk!

Software Developer

What tech stack do we use?

We work across a variety of technologies, although specialise in a Microsoft stack, and always select the right technology based on our client’s needs. We’re primarily building web-based applications but have opportunities for mobile development as well.

Absolutely! At Sandfield there are opportunities for our developers to deepen their expertise through various training programmes.  An advantage of having a variety of clients and projects is that there is plenty of variety across the company and a range of teams that take on different projects in supply chain, logistics, integration and finance. Additionally, there are opportunities to step into leadership roles within your team, and/or to take on more client-facing work. 

At Sandfield we provide support for our team members to take on technical training from various platforms such as Pluralsight. You may also suggest other platforms or courses that apply more specifically to areas that you would like to develop in professionally, as each team member has their own dedicated hours for personal development outside of the other broader training opportunities. 

We also provide soft skills training in areas such as communication, learning styles and leadership.