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An Interview with Anish Kumar

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Anish Kumar

Anish is currently a Project Manager with the Crossfire team and has been for the last 3 and a half years. 

With over 10 years of experience in the EDI space, Anish was the perfect fit for Crossfire. Anish is an avid fitness/running and outdoor activities enthusiast and playing Mario Kart with his 7-year-old.

What do you do with Crossfire?

I am a project manager with the Crossfire team for the last 3 and a half years.

Why did you choose Crossfire?

I used to work for an EDI company for 10 years, and decided I needed a change.

I have worked indirectly with Crossfire in my previous role and was keen to understand what Crossfire offered to their customers. My previous role had been core EDI projects and service delivery, but Crossfire not only dealt with EDI but also provided integrations using API, and some custom software development, which I was keen to be involved in and further progress my career. One of the main reasons for joining the Crossfire team was the opportunity to work in a local setting as compared to a shared services model (as there was a lot of travelling in my previous role).

How has your career developed since starting at Sandfield?

I have learnt a lot about new technologies, especially on the API front, and the various inventory management systems and processes that can be integrated and automated with EDI/API. There have been new learnings and lessons working with a highly skilled set of team members, which I really enjoy.

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Seeing that satisfaction on the customers face when a project goes live is always a great feeling!

How have you found client-facing work in your career at Crossfire?

I have been involved in the supplier integrations with Foodstuffs. These are considered small scale projects in automating the ordering process with Foodstuffs via EDI/API but not actively worked with Foodstuffs directly.

How have the projects you’ve worked on contributed to NZ businesses/citizens?

It has greatly increased productivity and efficiencies for a number of customers (suppliers to retailers/3PL), reducing manual data entry and paper-based work and also having a wider visibility/report on the orders/inventory via Crossfire.

What do you enjoy about being a Project Manager?

Working on variuos projects and also working with a close knit team, seeing that satisfaction on the customers face when a project goes live!

What was your most successful project and why?

I would say OOB organic. This was one of the biggest projects I managed when I first started with Crossfire, this project had a hard deadline with a number of retailers and 3PL, and we had to stay on top of our game to deliver this. The end result was a very satisfied customer and more projects have come through for OOB due to the successful delivery of their initial project. (You can watch their testimonial video on YouTube)

What are some of your hobbies/passions outside of work?

A keen gym goer (used to be a part time PT before), into fitness/running, outdoor activites and my favorite would be playing MarioKart with my 7 yr old :-)

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