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Project Managers & Business Analysts

Be the driving force in our team

Be part of a team that focuses on getting the job done and having a good time while doing it

Do you prefer communicating over coding?

Behind any great team, good communication and coordination is the glue that holds everything together. Whilst our developers are all great communicators and commercially aware, the scale of our projects still require expert project management and business analyst expertise to keep things running smoothly.

Regardless of whether this is already your area of expertise or a role you would like to transition into, there are ample opportunities at Sandfield.

Why project management at Sandfield?

Flat structure and collaborative culture

We believe in true collaboration. At Sandfield, you’re not just a number. When you work for us, you get to be part of some pretty awesome projects and collaborate directly with clients.

Lots of flexibility and fun office environment

A flexible working culture is built on clear communication, collaboration, trust, connection and acknowledging that we’re all individuals with different needs. We also have a pretty cool office space and regular social events to switch off and unwind with team mates.

Ongoing technical and soft skills training

We know that tech is always evolving. We offer a variety of technical courses, as well as soft skills training for all of our employees. This training focuses on developing skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving.

Work directly with clients on large scale, innovative projects

We immerse the whole team in all aspects of the software development lifecycle, so that they can provide the best outcome for our clients.

Join a high-performance team

As a project manager or analyst, we know you like to get on and get the job done - so do we! That’s why we’re organised into teams who are empowered to make their own decisions, and sometimes even create new ways of working, without frustrating bureaucratic processes and delays.

But it’s not all work and no play. We know the business we’re in can be demanding sometimes - so we’re constantly focused on making our environment as relaxed, supportive and fun as we can to ensure we can all enjoy what we do.

Project Manager

How big are the teams I will be managing?

Typically teams range from 10-20 people, depending on the project you are managing.

At Sandfield we are working on multi projects with multiple clients and a lot of the projects overlap across teams, so yes, project managers and business analysts will work closely with each other to get to the desired outcome for the client. 

We provide soft skills training for all of our team. This training focuses on developing skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving that will be useful for the management of your team. 

There is also 40 hours of training available per annum for you to personalise towards your own professional development.