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Today there is a strong trend towards using mobile phones and tablets to access systems and information. Businesses are realising that people are on the move and want access to their data anywhere in quick and easy, bite-sized chunks. Mobile applications are an extension of the core business systems and enable customers, employees and suppliers to access the system wherever they are. 

We help our clients develop a mobile strategy that works best for their business, whether it’s a mobile app or responsive website. Our core capability in building high transactional business systems means that our mobile apps are built to handle high volumes of user activity and can be integrated with complex back-end systems.


Average number of consignments tracked per month with the Mainfreight app
Average new Les Mills app users per month
Average number of RPM classes booked through the app per month
Average parking session length with Wilson ParkMate App



Rather than working to a heavily written spec we prefer to sit down with our clients, understand their business processes and work out a solution that addresses their real needs. We run a series of workshops throughout the discovery and design phase to uncover these needs and make sure each decision made is in accordance with these. Together, we work through the functionality and design of the application, making sure that user experience remains at the core of each.

Design & build

Our clients are treated as part of our multi-disciplinary team of designers, developers and business development experts. Once the initial design is decided, we quickly work to create a prototype. This helps the team understand how the finished app will look and feel to use. We get our clients to test the prototype, and use the feedback we receive from them to identify areas of the application that could be improved. We modify the prototype and test it again until the final design is reached and developed. This ensures that the end product meets user requirements and reflects back on the overall digital strategy.

Getting an edge

From ruggedised devices for use on transport docks or ports, through to consumers on their smart phones, Sandfield has built mobile solutions for Interislander, Mainfreight, Les Mills, Wilson Parking, NZTR and many others. We develop apps across all major platforms - iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Our framework has built-in analytics and measurements which allow you to continually monitor usage so that you can continue to adapt, improve and deliver what your users need.

From ruggedised devices to smart phones, get a mobile app that works for your business.

Interested in our work? Read how we've developed an innovative online platform and consumer app for the New Zealand home care services company Green Acres

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