EDI and Integration Services | Sandfield

Managed EDI Services, Integrated with your Systems.

EDI is like a rugby scrum, a dark scary place where most people aren’t really sure what goes on in there.  Having the Crossfire team of EDI experts looking after your EDI means you can get back to business, leaving the dark art of standards, translations, and VAN’s to us.

 At Sandfield, we provide a fully managed service for cloud EDI. We manage everything including the setup, maintenance and monitoring of your EDI. Crossfire can be integrated with any system through API’s or message transfer, eliminating manual data entry resulting in a faster, more accurate process. 

Our clients range from global logistics providers to suppliers of large retail chains. We can set up EDI with any Trading Partner who requires it. For some enterprise clients, having their own on-premise (Private Cloud) EDI is their preferred option. Talk to us to discuss the best solution for your business. 



EDI messages processed annually.
Retail, Transport, Shipping & Warehousing EDI Partners.
EDI Messages processed every minute.
Average time Crossfire takes to process an EDI message.


3 Easy Steps:

  1. Tell us who you want to do EDI with i.e. your Trading Partners.
  2. We will liaise directly with your Trading Partners to confirm technical requirements.
  3. We provision the implementation and undergo a thorough testing process with your trading partner to ensure a robust service.

...and then you're ready to do EDI!