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Innovation & Approach

Evolution, not revolution

We think operational innovation is delivered through small but useful improvements – not risky and expensive ‘transformations’. We like to say it’s about evolution, not revolution.


Being agile with agile

At Sandfield, we use methodologies with great care. Most important is being vigilant in ensuring that methodologies do not become replacements for thinking.

The very nature of agile means there is no such thing as “proper agile” or a standard way of executing agile. There are still situations when the waterfall methodology might be the best way of executing a project. An agile mindset values the most important element of any IT project – and that is the people – and trusting their experience and expertise to do the job they have been trained to do.

In a system context, an Agile Methodology encourages the IT function to focus and value business objectives, summarised by:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive specifications
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
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Enabling innovation through ‘best of breed’

Our success in delivering best of breed solutions has led us to create specialty business units each focused on delivering a critical business solution.

Use the best tools for the job

Gone are the days of monolithic ERPs or ‘one size fits all’ systems. Utilising specialised solutions for industry specific challenges means our customers gain more efficient use of resources, improved accuracy and faster updates to the business and customers.

Adapt and respond to changing requirements

Win new business and evolve with the pace of business change through flexible frameworks and systems designed to adapt to new opportunities or disruptions.

Integrate and orchestrate operations

We developed proven frameworks that leverage best of breed software to capture exceptions and provide visibility through a variety of interfaces so you can more effectively orchestrate operations.

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Business first, technology second

Sandfield’s history and reputation is based on developing the best possible solution to solve business problems. Our team focuses on the business problem first, and then how technology can be applied to solve that problem.

We are constantly assessing and reviewing new technologies to ensure we deliver highly configurable, interoperable and flexible software to adapt to future modern technology – and the changing needs of business.


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We are with you on your journey

Many of our customer relationships are what we consider long-term partnerships, working collaboratively to deliver ongoing innovation to their business.

We don’t believe in account managers and making false promises to seal the deal. Our developers work directly with you from start to finish. They’re interested in more than just the code behind great systems. They’re driven by delighting our customers and building relationships that last.

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Giving you an edge

We’re obsessed with giving our clients an edge through smarter, future-proofed systems that fit their processes like a glove and are built to adapt to what’s next.