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We deliver software solutions that your business actually needs.


We don't start from scratch, we build on proven frameworks already developed to provide out-of-the-box certainty with all the benefits of a custom-built system.

Our systems adapt to change and scale up smoothly - we have many businesses still using systems we’ve built decades ago, with no major changes needed today.

 We’re obsessed with giving our clients an edge through smarter, future-proofed systems that fit their processes like a glove.

 Thirty years on, our NZ-based solution developers are interested in more than just the code behind great systems, by delighting our clients to build relationships that last.


Financial transactions through on account per year
Largest single database managed
Uptime of hosted sites and services
EDI messages processed per year


Supply chains are in our DNA.


Starting with Mainfreight in the late 80s, we have always worked with supply chain-focused businesses across a wide range of industries including: Transport, logistics, shipping, automotive, fresh exports and mining.

Through our thirty year experience working with these business models, we’ve found supply chain management is a fluid discipline that isn’t well suited to being embedded inside a traditional ERP architecture.

A supply chain by its very nature involves different organisations and different systems and our custom approach means we can also integrate and work around the edges to achieve the outcomes you need to drive growth.



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