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Financial management systems.

Successful businesses have high expectations of their accounting & financial management systems. Sandfield's On Account Financial Management System provides companies with an on-premise or cloud-based solution with the ability to deliver features and flexibility which are specific to their individual industry or situation.


Transaction lines processed since 1999
Lower cost of ownership when compared with traditional ERP solutions
Fully capable web browser based user interface
Of our customers use On Account for all business intelligence reporting


Tailored to your business

With On Account, you can create an accounting environment that is aligned with your business and its terminology. Sandfield's ability to quickly and inexpensively address your specific and unique requirements means we fit the system to your business, rather than forcing you to compromise on important requirements. Read how On Account's customised auto-payment reconciliation process is the backbone of travel booking platform, Lassoo.

Flexible integration options

The On Account system design allows your business systems to automatically import relevant data into the appropriate ledgers within On Account. This solution excels in situations where the business dictates complete accuracy - for example, the travel industry, which is characterised by high volumes and often-complex transactions with low margins.

Leading-edge technology

Sandfield has been developing and enhancing On Account for more than 15 years. Our latest version is entirely browser-based with full functionality that equals our Windows version (both can be used simultaneously - the choice is yours). On Account is relied on by Mainfreight (NZ, Australia and USA), Toll, and New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing to name just a few. Some of our clients are on second- and third-generation versions over the last fifteen years.

On Account's performance has been proven at levels ranging from 300 transactions per week to over 100,000 transactions per day.

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